helps companies optimize their accounts payable processes by turning invoices, receipts and other documents into actionable data that can be extracted, classified and validated.


A complete and flexible solution

Accounts payable Use case

Accounts Payable Management

Automate this critical business process. Whether you're dealing with a scan, a pdf file or a picture: retrieve context and initiate the validation, payment and accounting process.

Automated bookkeeping use case

Robotic Accounting

Let a well-trained algorithm take care of the low value added (pre-) booking tasks so that your accountants can spend their precious time advising their clients.

Data entry automation use case

Data Entry Automation

Upload unstructured documents, efficiently extract and inspect where necessary, then download an excel, json or csv-file.

How does it work?

We help you simplify your processes by automating invoice processing and eliminating paper and manual labor. Our clients upload their documents in our solution and get the extracted values within a matter of seconds.

How? The solution recognizes the document type (invoices, for example) and extracts the necessary information of that invoice. It can also check or validate certain business rules of calculations (f.e.: whether the VAT amount + Net amount is indeed the Gross amount which was extracted).

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What makes different?

  • Our platform can be customized to your specifc needs, also after implementation, no long or costly development.
  • The user-friendly interface alows you to seamlessly work together with multiple reviewers at the sametime.
  • We don’t focus on extraction only, we recognize types of documents (PO,credit note,.) & add business rules.
  • We are fully self-learning, our technology instantly learns from your feedback. Never corect the same thing twice!
“We now save 40% of our time processing a single invoice and we handle 3,5 Million per year!"

CompleteSolutionComplete Solution

The solution is more than an API connection, it covers the entire workflow.

Fast Time To SetUp

Fast time to set-up

You can be up and running in just a few weeks or get easy access to our API keys

Self Learning TechnologySelf-Learning Technology

Our product trains itself to become better and faster.

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